[Feedback] The new design makes learning less effective

I appreciate the effort to evolve Memrise, but I believe there are essential aspects from the old version worth preserving. The new version’s philosophy of letting learners choose their topics is valid, but it presents challenges. There are simply too many choices, especially for beginners like me in the Japanese course. I’ve encountered topics that should come much later in the curriculum, like those involving Kanji when I’ve only just started with Hiragana. Random suggestions can be distracting when they don’t align with my current learning level.

Some users, including myself, prefer a more straightforward approach. Having the app automatically present the next learning activity simplifies the process and allows us to focus solely on learning. While the new design can do this to some extent, it’s diminished by activities still leading to the topic selection screen, disrupting the flow of learning.

The Immerse feature is promising, but it has room for improvement. Some videos feel irrelevant or too advanced, lacking transcripts, forcing users to follow along without guidance. Similar to the learning feature, the challenge of choosing appropriate content persists. Adding interactive elements like live questions during videos could enhance the quality of the Immerse feature, making it more engaging and beneficial.

Membot is a valuable tool for practicing conversations, but it could be more effective. Integrating learned words from a user’s course progress into Membot’s conversations could reinforce vocabulary. By highlighting these words, users can be both reminded of what they’ve learned and encouraged to apply their knowledge in practical conversations, making the feature more impactful.

In conclusion, I urge you to reconsider the migration of Memrise courses to the new design. While the updates are well-intentioned, the current implementation feels cumbersome and disrupts the learning habits of many users. Your attention to these concerns would greatly enhance the user experience and support continuous, effective learning. Thank you for your consideration.


The important thing to remember is that Memrise knows better than us how we should learn, and to hell with any of our own preferences in the matter.

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