[Feedback] Speed review necessary improvemt

I’m learning German and found it very difficult to speedreview. I want to listen to an audio after word selection to get the right pronunciation but as I listen and repeat it aloud I often miss the next word. Another thing is there is too little time window for sentences so I can’t read all options in time - I must guess from the look of the options.

So my wish is to wait for the audio to stop playing before showing next question and give more time for sentences over 2 words.

Thank you very much for consideration.

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I agree with the time restriction for sentences. I found it generally impossible to process whole sentences in the few seconds allotted. Granted, if I could do it, it would certainly prove I’d learned the phrase, but there really should be a bit more time for phrases.

As for audio, I apologize @Mark0l, but speed review is not core learning. The speed review is about visual pattern recognition, not audio training. The point of a speed review is to use the physical response of pressure to help lock in the recognition of words and identify those that are not yet well memorized. It is not to hear the word and practice the pronounciation.

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I created this forum account (which hopefully does not delete my paid membership, because right now it looks like it has replaced it…) just to moan about the speed review, it is the only thing I really hate about memrise, it creates unnecessary stress, which can never be a good teaching tool.
Make it optional maybe? Or just take it out alltogether and make the competitive people on here opt in if they want it so much.
It is the main reason for not continuously studying, the frustration is not a sweet and rewarding feeling, quite the opposite.

You know, you could simply do what I do: ignore the existence of speed review. Memrise offers it (in fact, it flashes and flashes at me and begs me to click it)… and then I tell it (perhaps not so politely) to please go away. Speed review goes way to fast for me, and all the big red timer stuff plays havoc on my eyes and just turns me into a ball of panic. I know a lot of people use it, but I doubt I’m not learning as well just because I never use the speed review function.

As a side note, creating a forum account shouldn’t overwrite your Memrise learning account. When I made mine, the two just synced together (as in, if I log in on the main site, it automatically logs me in here, too).

@ Lowakaha
Interesting point. But I would claim that audio training also works with pattern recognition. Recognizing patterns is how I´ve always studied languages (and I speak 3 fluently, 2 roughly and am a beginner in 3 others). I´m not sure what other kind of “audio training” exists.

Moreover, I know that respectable authorities claim you should study when you are relaxed, but for me responding under pressure produces the best results.

So to sum it up: for me, speed review is THE core feature. I love it. I use it to repeat words too, so it´s also helpful for long-term memorizing.

However, for LONG phrases, Speed Review is buggy and needs to be improved, so that it is as great as for SHORT words :slight_smile:

I think that the purpose of speed review is to actually review the foreign words. For me, the problem with the fast timer is that often one cannot hear the foreign words, because the app jumps to the next question. So I would like Speed Review to at least finish pronouncing the foreign words before starting to count time, in order to prevent jumping to the next question before letting the user hear the foreign words.

Whenever the foreign phrase/ string of words is fairly long a similar problem occurs with the writing: Not only is the pronouniation cut off (as indicated above), moreover, the written words are cut off, because the field containing the answer is too small!

Cutting both written and oral review off = not reviewing!