[Feedback] Sensitivity to Sound Effects

I am a person who has Hyperacusis, so a lot of sounds can trigger me. I in particular find the high pitch sound effect at the end of a session very triggering especially because the sound drags on at a high frequency. Also, the sound when you learn a word to the full flower is similar but not as bad. I know how to turn off sound effects in the sound preference but it isn’t something I want to do because I like to have audio feedback when learning; in fact, I use audio feedback options with all different apps but I find Memrise sounds not as pleasing as other competitor apps.

This might not be an issue for many but I am sure I am not the only one who has an issue with the sound effects. Plus it is always good to consider accessibility features to aid people with disabilities. Whilst on that topic, I find the contrast between the blue and green colours hard to distinguish what section is completed vs what isn’t…they are too similar in tone. This is mainly an issue when I dim my screen lights at night as I exclusively learn at nighttime and require it to be dim.