[feedback] - relevant selection & grammar rules

I got a feedback on the Chinese course, I’m a bit disappointed about the choice proposed when I need to pick the good translation. Most of the time I get proposed words/sentences that:

  • I did not yet learn (thus easy to discard)
  • 1 word proposition for 10-15 word sentence (easy to discard too)
  • are not in connexion (ex: for sugar it proposes me « table », why not proposing « salt » instead?)
    Thus so far I’m guessing the right answer more than finding it. Why not establishing word categories?

Moreover, I learn for example how to say « salty, spicy, … », but only one sentence like « I like to eat spicy », and the app always suggest me the same. Why not learning « I like to eat … » and then adding a random taste word and check if the student pick the right choice?

Finally, so far I learned how to say « halal food » but I didn’t learn yet how to count to 10, not colors or days, it’s a bit frustrating.

Beside these two points the app is great and helps me a lot, already made huge progress thanks to it, keep going on !