Feedback re. The Mystery of Nils bugs

Thanks for this course…awesomely helpful! Wonder if one thing can be fixed…when there is more than one Norwegian word translated to an English word, it can be impossible to pick the correct answer. For instance, in Speed Review the Norwegian word for “twenty-first” came up. There were 2 answer choices that both said “twenty-first.” One counted as a wrong answer and the other as a correct answer, but there was no way to distinguish. Aargh. A worse problem is that the Norwegian word for “thirtieth” is actually keyed to “thirty” as the answer, which is messing me up trying to learn the new vocabulary. Many thanks for the excellent course and I hope it wouldn’t be too much trouble to fix these difficulties.

Hi @SnakkerIkkeNorsk :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your learning list, and you’re studying this course:

This is a course created by a user, and you need to contact the course creator. Luckily, the course creator created a forum. You can re-post in the “Course Forum” below:

When writing the post, add the “@” symbol in front of the course creator’s Middangeard to get his attention (in the same way I did with his username).

PS: since this is not an official course, I’m going to move this topic to the “Decks” area.

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I’ll check to see if these issues are something that I can handle. Unfortunately, often these user-created courses are dependent on the memrise platform and keeping up with any changes that they make.

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Thanks. Yeah, I understand that fixing those things may just not be possible because of how things work, but thought you’d want to know, just in case. Thanks so much for the wonderful resource.

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