FEEDBACK: Pronunciation segment not useful

This is basically a re-run of the comment I left about a month ago, just with the “feedback” flag for the powers that be to read this: I completely avoid the Pronunciation segment in the Memrise app. It’s not useful. The bar is too high.

A couple of suggestions:

  1. Tweak the AI to make it more forgiving. Basically—would a native speaker understand me, rather than would a native speaker mistake me for another native speaker. If you can’t get an AI to work this way, see #2 below.

  2. If the AI is too dumb to do anything but recognize “perfect pitch,” then work on one phrase, and one phrase only, for any segment. You want to a Portuguese sailor to think you’re another Portuguese sailor when you say “navegar”? Spend 60-90 seconds on that word alone, then move on to speed review or whatever. Don’t have half a dozen words that you can’t get right even after ten tries each. The frustration level is too high.


P. S. Great vocabulary app overall

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