Feedback on Synonyms labeled as 1 and 2, confusing

For some time I studied Swedish, oth on the pc and the tablet.
Part of the courses is Dutch - Swedish, part of it is English - Swedish.
It ennoys me that frequently in the same level 2 or more synonyms are presented as synonym-1 and synonym-2. While rehearsing these, after a few days synonym-1 is mistaken with synonym-2 or vice-versa.
Can this be avoided ? Is it really necessary to present several synonyms in the same level/lesson, thus increasing the event of a mistake without really improving the understanding of the language or words.


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it could, if the creaor of the course gets noticed about the issue.
From your msg is impossible to say what courses you’re taking. The “habit” of “the house” is to post the course links in here and to tag the creator (like this: @nickofcoursecreator)

happy learning!

Yup, we need to know what courses you are taking. I am learning Dutch and Swedish and curate some popular courses for those languages (paired with English), so I would be curious to hear which courses use this “synonym 1” and “synonym 2” convention.

It doesn’t seem to be a very helpful way of dealing with this problem, I am sorry to say.

My apologies, it indeed should have been better to endorse my issue with some examples.
(I was a bit frustrated)
Well, here they are:
I am currently busy with: Basiswoordenschat Zweeds 1, which is concerned with the Swedish Vocabulary in Dutch.
It states that: gedeprimeerd-1 is deprimerad and gedreprimeerd-2 is nedstämd; so two synonyms for “depressed”; in an earlier series I found:
vertrouwen-1 is ett förtroende and vertrouwen-2 is en tillit: wantrouwen-1 is ett misstroende and wantrouwen-2 is en misstro
From these examples I was inspired to use; synonym-1 and synonym-2.

I do not feel happy when I in fact do know one of the translations, but simply because it is not #1 or # 2 the answer is incorrect.

The same issue is with typing: if everything is correct apart from an initial capital letter of a closing exclamation mark or question mark, it does not feel fine when an answer is marked wrong.

Apart from that it still is happy learning, bu you asked fot feedback …

Carol Bos

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Oh my goodness! This is indeed a VERY silly way to deal with the synonym problem. Have you tried to tag the course creator at all to ask them to find a different way to do this?

I did not, I do not really know how to contact the original author. I just wanted to give feedback and draw attention to my “problem”. If you can tell me how I can try to report this to the ciurse creator.

When you study on the web, cut the link from the address bar and paste it here. Then we all know which course it is. And perhaps, it’s possible to find out who the creator or contributor is, because only they can change the course.

Is this the course you are doing?

The course creator is this person:

Can you comment on this problem?

Hi, Amanda,
this indeed is the course I mentioned.

I shall try to contact the ciurse owner and explain my objection.


Carol Bos

The course creator has already been alerted in my above post by the fact that I tagged them. They will see your post and hopefully comment.