[Feedback] on redesign of new words

(Smitten Kitten) #1

I am using Memrise for about four years, loved and recommended it to people, but new design of word cards is very disappointing.

Upper half of the screen is a button to repeat the sound, but all the necessary info is out of my sight and I should scroll(!) to get literal translation, it even took time to notice it’s there, don’t have to mention learning long sentences. Also, contrast of the word and its translation makes it difficult to link and learn, I’ve never failed that miserably in learning courses for all these years.

Yes, there was a lot of free space when no memes available, though the actual user’s purpose, learning new words, was way easier.

Please consider getting rid of the scrolling and putting learning experience ahead of the fonts and colors.

(Kemliu) #2

Yes, can we go back to the previous design. It really impacts on my learning capacity. New words are barely readable when half the screen is blue (and you can’t even read them properly anymore, what is with the white font…)

It takes actual brain storage just to get use to look for new words in the middle of the page and I’d rather keep that to learn new things.
I don’t think I’m going to keep using the app if it stays that way… (at least give us the choice to chose the design…)