Feedback on Patch Notes

This has been bugging me for a while.
Why are patch notes always a sort of joke instead of actually giving information of what has been patched ? Users are not idiots, if someone takes the time to read patch notes it means they actually want to know what changed.
The previous one was the worst, saying “we solved some bugs but it’s boring stuff, nothing to see” and then it went on with “why are you still reading” etc.
This is the latest one, a bit less bad but still a joke:

How can we even take Memrise seriously like this? As adults, being treated like 3 years old or something is pretty tiring.
Plus, since bugs have been piling to no end without being fixed lately, it is very much due to tell us which bugs specifically have been fixed when a patch happens, otherwise it’s pretty useless.
Might as well just write no patch notes at all if they’re just a way to make fun of users rather than actual information.


This very much seems to be a concept that they simply don’t want to change. And I haven’t ever seen Memrise staff commenting on related posts by users, regardless of whether users commented reasonably and appropriately or whether someone kicked over the traces. 100% ignoration there.

It seems to me that they continuously focus on changing colors instead of fixing bugs, introducing new features (that pretty much always make it worse) and taking away good features instead. So employing someone to come up with ludicrous stories instead of providing true information just seems “memriseish”. :roll_eyes:

Sometimes I think that Memrise is some kinky social experiment where the objective is to find out just how much sh*t you can pour over your paying customers until they silently back away.


If it really was such an experiment at least everything would finally make sense!
Because, honestly, it only gets worse and worse. The staff came back to life after the Decks mass complaint, then they disappeared into nothingless again.

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I brought this up a few months ago and they actually wrote release notes for a few iterations. I was very disappointed when it went back to the jokes.

I understand that most people probably don’t read them, but for those of us that do, it’s just insulting.


I am one of those people who also reads these all the time. I think the silly jokes are just ludicrous and not insightful at all.

I am going to wait until the Decks app is officially released to see how it turns out. If it is going to be hogwash like the constant changes and sluggish brand decisions; I will probably leave. It’s a shame because nothing at the moment is promising, as a result my motivation for the app has drastically declined from daily use to not even once every two weeks. I am only constantly hanging around in hopes of a miracle, a miracle that will never happen.


Just in case you guys haven’t seen it - obviously this has been taken to the next level, see this posting. It does feels a bit like someone hijacked the mechanism and feeds their own daffy prose into the update messages. I’m flabbergasted!


This is starting to feel malicious.

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Yeah I saw it this morning and I had to keep myself from uninstalling. It only gets worse.

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@MemriseSupport @kevin5284

Seriously, why are you refusing to make release notes? Other developers do it willingly. People are interested in what’s going on and you are trying to be funny in the store. Why? It would be great to see which way Memrise is going, what has been fixed and what is not. Otherwise, it’s just another failed opportunity to communicate with users.


Professional companies write good release notes.


well said…


I had to show my son the latest iOS Memrise release notes that were so miserable compared with the Microsoft Onenote release notes from about the same time.

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Ehm. I think that the latest patch note is a way too much. Talking about stripping to pants (“UK” pants, mind you).

Sigh. We are not teenagers or Beavis and Butthead.

(I haven’t updated the android app since just before the redesign, but this is another story).


“Мы исправили несколько ошибок и улучшили производительность. На самом деле, наше приложение ещё никогда не было настолько прекрасным. Можно раздеть его до трусов, и везде будет сплошная красота. Любуйтесь, нам стесняться нечего.”


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Whilst I can appreciate the humour and creativity that goes into coming up with the patch notes, I don’t think it is the time and place to be doing it especially when there has been a huge design change and a negative backlash. Communication is important more than ever.

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