FEEDBACK on obsolete course Swift Course (1.0) - title should reflect version

Not amused that the Swift Course you offer is based on Swift 1.0 where most people are now running 4.1.

The edition of Swift should be referred to in the course title or you run the danger of wasting people’s time.

Of course it is not completely useless but Swift is a very fast evolving programming language and I for one would not have begun the course had I known it was basically obsolete.

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It’s a user-created course. If there were errors inside the course you could ask to be made a collaborator on the course, and then you could go in and fix the errors. But I don’t know whether collaborators can change titles.

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They can. As they can change the description and course’s cover picture.

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If there was a way to leave comments in the course pages you could indeed flag that the Swift course is based on 1.0 and not worth the time. Seems Swift changes for each release anyway so I doubt we will have the definite course yet.

Ok thanks for that

Of course; I also think that it should be in the title or description. Though (unfortunately) changing the course title also changes the link - this means that any link in the forum or elsewhere becomes invalid. Second best is to update the description.