Feedback on IU design and other changes

I wanted to completely abandon Memrise when it was announced that Memrise splitting into two websites / apps. I always thought of Memrise as a company provides the software and the system and users generate most of the content.

So, I returned to continue my Chinese studies and found the bright yellow ‘Swedish’ design in Memrise
website. It is a pity to see these design rather than functionality changes.

I think that the company lacked strategic thinking throughout the years, which is understandable when you are developing an app or system.

I have several books, website in Chinese that could form the basis for new courses in Decks but I will not even think about creating anything new with this kind of functionality.

Knowing that this kind of spaced repetition testing system is great for learning languages, especially vocabulary, I will not buy any subscription on Memrise because the website does not have the content that I need.

Nevertheless, I still believe that Memrise and even Decks could find more profitable business model that more users will buy into so that developers could concentrate on functionality rather than design changes.

I can say that I got used to the ‘Swedish team’ design. I just thought that I could also take my Chinese to the next level with the help of Memrise.

Thank you for putting a lot of effort into the product. I just wish the development could be more strategic.