[Feedback] Old vs New courses

I have some general comments for the new courses in Memrise (ref. screenshot below, old course is in faded color).

  • There were more people in “meet the locals” in the old version, compared to the new one, which made it more fun to learn

  • The old version had shorter course levels, which made them perfect for motivation. 60-70 words per course level is simply too much, because it doesn’t match the time you would sit down and do it (like during a commute).

  • There’s less logic in the way words are grouped which makes them harder to remember. This is something I’ve experienced when I compare french 1-7 and russian 1-3. The setenes are longer, and less useful in the beginners levels (they are simply too hard).

  • The only thing I like about the new courses are: More words, more informal versions of the words.

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