[FEEDBACK] Memrise ASL Bug

…first of all is this forum only for the new website of memrise? can I send in feedback for the app on here too?

I only use memrise for the ASL courses, since the new update I have not being able learn new ideas because the New Word page needs to be a gif, to see the woman signing. The gifs are working for everything else in the ASL course, just not when learning a new concept, it’s basically just a picture of the woman standing.

Yes, sure, the forum works for everything Memrise!

As for the ASL courses I can’t help as I have no idea what you might be talking about. I only know that acronym with respect to social networks (Age, Sex, Location). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi @rebeccamah8270 :slight_smile:

I checked that you are studying the course:

If it’s an iOS bug (Memrise app), you posted it correctly.

When you have a question about the course you are studying, the course creator has a topic:

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Yes, this is definitely a bug that has been causing problems in my course. Since it only occurs with the iOS app and not the browser, I’m thinking that it’s a Memrise issue and not something I can fix in the course myself, if I understand correctly :frowning: I don’t know if anyone has gone through the formal bug reporting for this problem, although with Memrise creating the Decks app soon(?) I’m not sure they’d be able to address it in the current Memrise app. If you do hear back about it, please do post about it here and/or in the course forum (linked above)!

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