[Feedback] Japanese 1 ramps up too fast

The first part of the Japanese 1 course is good, but then the difficulty ramps up WAY too fast. One moment we’re learning いいです, which is well and fine, I can learn/memorize that. The next moment we’re given 翔さんはお腹が空いていますか? which is just WTF!? I have no idea what to do with this. I’ve learned the first symbol is the name Sho, and so I can regularly match it with the correct answer, because it’s the only place that name is used, which means the app thinks I’ve learned this and it moves on to other hard things, but no, we’ve moved past what I’ve learned. There needs to be a LOOOOTTT more steps between bla and blah blah blah blah blah. You should also MIX UP things. Use other names with this sentence. Use the name Mr. Sho with other sentences. When things are unique and highly correlated, you’re not going to learn everything, just one small bit.

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Sometimes I could match a phrase properly, but I get it wrong on purpose to tell the app I need to go back and learn the basics, we need to break the phrase down and learn the parts. But that never works because then it just comes back at me with blah blah blah blah blah is a difficult word you need to learn (it tries teaching me the whole phrase as one misunderstood thing, instead of a whole bunch of things I don’t know yet). But I already know how to match that phrase to the right answer, because of one tiny unique detail. That’s not helpful at all. We need to break it down so I can learn all the parts.

Another really annoying thing is that it will teach me a word in one of the writing systems, and then test me in the other, without giving me a chance to learn the other version. Yeah, sometimes the other version will appear for a split second after answering a question and before moving to the next screen, but that’s not enough time to study and learn it.

Hi there! I think it’s a good idea to start with the more basic courses by @jlptbootcamp.


Personally, this is the first course I took:

As you go through the official courses, you could also brush up the basic vocabulary here:

Thanks for the vote of confidence @johnastsang . Let me know if anything on these courses needs fixed. I’ll try to get to it.

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There’s more than one starting course? How do I get these other courses? I just went through the interface with: I want to learn English → Japanese, and started the course that was shown.

How can I get these courses? I went back to:
Learn another course > Japanese > Browse more courses
and it only offers Japanese 0 through Japanese 7.

you can only join courses made by the community on the website, click the links above and then click join and they will then appear on your app