[Feedback] Impossible to add custom memcard after a learning session

I remember that in the past after concluding a “revision” session I could easily select the words that I wanted by directly clicking on them. Was this feature removed or is it a bug? I am using the android app, but I’m sure that in the iOS this feature didn’t ever exist.

Now sometimes, while revisioning the cards, I understand why a word is said like that or I come up with a nice easy way to remember it. I would then like to put it under the memcard for that word in order to remember it in the future. It’s so frustrating that this cannot be done anymore. How am I supposed to find out that word then? There is not even a search field in where to put it. Am I really supposed to just open and scroll every chapter I studied to find that freaking word? This is uncomfortable and I am not enjoying the study session anymore.

Please fix this asap. Memrise was a perfect app but without this feature it’s loosing some usefulness.