Feedback - Grammarbot repeating

I would like to feed back that Grammarbot, although a good idea in itself, needs to be MUCH more comprehensive to be

  • useful, and
  • interesting

It keeps repeating the same lessons again and again even though I got it right.

Suggestions are:

  • make it clear how many grammarbot levels there are
  • only repeat them if needed
  • link grammarbot to the grammar issues that are being studied in the word/sentence learning so they are relevant and useful

I would very much appreciate a reply about this, as this was a selling feature of the subscription which I am considering cancelling


I have done a search and can see that this is a problem affecting many of the language courses

The post above is from 80 days ago, and despite many people asking for a response and various people being tagged in I cannot see that an official response has been issued. This seems like a very long delay. Is this something that could be looked into?
Many thanks


Yeah im having the same issue, it’s really annoying. Furthermore, I have yet to find any other similar threads with a solution posted from the team…

Hi @curlew123 Thanks for reaching out with your feedback. We have passed this over to the User Experience team and Product Managers. We hope to take this advice on-board and improve chatbots over the coming months.


Thankyou for your response (which I got after sending emails direct to the website pointing out the lack of response on the issue). I am glad you are looking in to the matter. As I am sure you are aware this is an issue which many people have written about on the community forum in different places and as far as I can tell this is the only memrise response on the forum. Only some people will see this response (in the Italian section) and I am wondering if it would be possible for Memrise to reply to the other forums in which this was raised?

To be complete, it is helpful to have it together: similar and additional suggestions three months ago: feature-request-reduce-frequency-and-repetition-of-bots
And reported repeating bots: here and here and here (to mention only a few) (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

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I am having this same issue with the Italian lessons. Has there been any progress?

Unfortunately, no action seems to have been taken on this, and not even any way to stop the Grammarbot from coming up automatically in a sequence of lessons.

Whoever is updating the Grammarbot (if they are monitoring this conversation), please also note that it is not keyboard-friendly. I haven’t found a way to operate it directly from the keyboard (web version), without using the cursor and clicking, and it takes two clicks for every answer (one to select the answer and the other to ‘send’) that is anti-productive.

[Feedback] I really like the grammar section! I’m learning Italian and most of the words that are used in the grammar section are words I haven’t learned yet, and therefore not sure how to pronunciate. I think it would be great if after you got the right answer, it said the sentence. That way I would know how it’s actually supposed to sound!!

Shy of two years later, the originally reported problem persists.

The grammarbot cycles the same simple grammar exercises over and over again.

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Thank you for reporting this, and we’re sorry for this annoyance…
Currently, the only hack to go around it is, every time grammarbot is suggested as next session, ignore that by tapping on the three-dot button at just left to it and select something else to do. OR, if you go a different tab (Plan etc)and come back, it should suggest you something different.