Feedback for Memrise Beta: JLPT N2 (Japanese)

(Ella Bjorck) #1

A while ago, I started doing the course JLPT N2 from Memrise Beta. I found it very helpful, and I enjoyed the layout a lot. But the recent update brought along some unfortunate changes, in my opinion.

So, in this course, you first learn 15 new words in hiragana/katakana. And then in the next lesson you learn the corresponding kanji, and so on. Before the update, the kanji reading would always pop up when you studied the hiragana reading, and the hiragana reading would always pop up when you studied the kanji reading. I found this very helpful.

Since the update, however, this feature has been removed. The corresponding reading still shows up when you are first introduced to a new word/kanji. But not when you repeat it. In my case, this has led to me sometimes knowing how to write a word in kanji, but not having any idea how to pronounce it.

If others have the same opinion as me on this, I would be very happy if it could go back to the way it used to be. (I’m not the best at expressing myself in English, but I hope this made sense.)

(Marcus W) #2

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