[Feedback][Feature request] My experience with Memrise

Hi Memrise users/authors,

I want to share my experiences of using Memrise to start learning Russian.


  • Russian courses by Memrise, learning with locals.
  • Easy learning and interface on both app and website.
  • I chose for Memrise as my main learning material!

To improve:

  • App/website sync is sometimes not perfect - sometimes I have to learn the same word twice as a ‘new’ word.

Please add:

  • Feature to disable the timer in classic review on the web page. I got myself a Russian keyboard and even if I know the word, it is too hard and stressful to get the answer right. I had to use a script to disable the timer, not ideal.
  • Option to remove the virtual keyboard in the app! The few letters displayed are too much of a hint.

On the forum I already saw other users suggesting the features above, without success. But since I am a newcomer to Memrise, I hope my experience is valuable to you and appreciate and process/implement my feedback.

Thanks in advance,

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