Feedback. Difficult words notification slightly demotivating

When I get an answer incorrect, the app shows me the word’s info and pops up with “added to difficult words”. I’m not against the difficult words feature, however, I find it slightly demoralising to be told I’m finding it “difficult” the instant I get anything wrong. Just a thought.

I have given up on ‘difficult’ words, entirely because parts of memrise are exceedingly aggressive with flagging words as ‘difficult’; I especially object to doing so as part of the initial learning of a word. anyway, I agree with you, to the point where I have stopped using the feature…

I do think you guys are being a bit too picky. What’s wrong with “difficult”? If you don’t get something right, then you either didn’t concentrate enough (in which cases I simply remove the flag) or you, well, didn’t know the answer, so what would be wrong with either the methodology and/or the word “difficult”?

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‘difficult’ is a state of mind.