[Feedback] Chinese characters

Ok, my 2nd feedback in 2 days)
It’s for the first time in my life that I learn a language without letters, moreover with hieroglyphs. I think it’s extremely difficult, and different from all my past experience. Apart from learning words that have nothing to do with anything you know, you gotta learn this seemingly illogical way of writing.
What I want to say is that when learning the characters I desperately need to understand how they are correctly written. I mean, the process of writing those beautiful and big characters, i.e. where to start and finish, so that every time I see them I write them in my mind. Otherwise it’s impossible to remember them. Ever.

For anyone interested in this topic, this site (which I think is non-commercial and non-competing with Memrise) allows one to look up Chinese characters and phrases with Pinyin or English input:

After doing a search, in the results list click on the Chinese character or phrase at the left of the row of interest. That will open a new row for the character (or for each character in a phrase).

Hover over the three dots in the expanded row and look for the brush button – clicking that will show a stroke-order animation.

I’m sure there must be other similar sites on the web, maybe with a more direct path toward showing the stroke order, but this is the one I felt comfortable posting about and trying to explain. The search terms would be “Chinese lookup stroke order animation”.