Feedback and a compliment! & [Feature Request] Allow to differentiate between (inherent) 'easy' and 'difficult' words

Dear Memrise,

I just started using Memrise Pro and enjoyed it all the time! So i just want to make a compliment for building such a great app!

But i have just the feeling that there is such an easy and very important feature missing in this app… So here i will explain: when started using the french language course i know there was something missing… sometimes i must learn a very difficult word, so difficult that i only can remember it for about 10 minutes. Then is the only thing I want is to save that specific word in a special place on Memrise, so that i can pitch those word afterwards. Of course there is a selection with the most difficult word from that course but it is not very exciting to me. I just want to save the difficult words manually.

Have a nice day!

Bye Jesse.

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For now, you could do what I do. Create your own “My very difficult words” course and add new items to it when you need to. You can then practice them as often as you want to.until you have mastered them and then you can delete them so the course size doesn’t get too big. Remember to keep the course status setting as “Unlisted”, though.


Nice, so how can you create you’re own language course? I would definitely use that. But it is much more easier if they will update this app and implement this.


You do it on the Memrise web version (but it will sync to whichever app version you are using). Here is a link to the guidance for creating courses:

Come back if you need any help.

Good luck!

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You can add a given word by hand to the ‘difficult words’ section to review these afterwards, but afaik you have to guess the phrase incorrectly so that the correct answer it shown to you - there you have the options to either ignore it or mark it as difficult. unsure if there is a way to mark it as difficult without having to give the wrong answer first. :roll_eyes:

OK there is - in the ‘preview’ mode.