Feature to Search for words

Hello, I think a nice feature to add to courses (both for creators and for learners), would be a search bar to find a word within a course (like how control + f allows one to search in a webpage). This would help immensely as often one tries to find a word to redo when they are creating a course, but can’t quickly find what level of the course the word. Also, for users, it is often the case that they want to find the translation for a word, but don’t want to spend an hour searching through all the levels of a course to find it.


You can search the database if all you need to do is edit the word.

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I up-voted.

As a workaround a learner can use Google’s site:memrise.com/course/123456/My-Course/ myKeyword syntax.

For my English-Portuguese courses it works when I enter the L1 English declaration for myKeyword.

The result list will be links of all levels found, where the index contained the L1 word declaration (first column).

However, what does NOT work: I can not search for the L2 target (2nd column), e.g Portuguese.
This word seems not to be indexed in the Google database.

I used this technique when I wanted to check the review interval for over-watered items.

The problem with all suggestions is, when the Memrise staff seems to simply ignore all of them and no “script god” picks up the idea and writes the requested user script…or it can not be done easily :wink:

Maybe we need a vote and crowd-funding site where a developer can see what features users would pay for and what are requested the most :wink:

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Yes i want a search function too. The lack of it spoils an otherwise superb product. Currently its practically impossible to find a word if I want to refresh my memory as to pronunciation, for example.

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FWIW, if you’re familiar with user-scripts, you could utilize the Word List tool that is part of the Memrise utilities which you can find here. Once installed, you’ll find a new link in the course:

If you click it, the script will create two lists containing all words, one including the chapter and the other one with the bare words. From there you can just search via Ctrl-F:

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Olaf, you a genius! Thanks a lot!

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Cheers, but I’m only the messenger! :sweat_smile: