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How about a classic review and speed review that covers the all the courses covered so far in a given language. Going through each course one by one to revise is clumsy and time consuming.

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A similar feature exists already on the web version. You just click on the box in the upper-right-hand corner and then click on the language in question. Then it will offer you a review across all the courses you are taking that language.

Word of warning, though: if different courses treat certain words differently, allowing synonyms galore on one course, but not on another, you might get frustrated because the answers you are expected to provide might not be consistent with each other.


Thanks for the quick reply, I hadn’t looked at the Web version before. However, I have now and I can’t find what you’re talking about…

Top right hand corner of which page? Home? Profile? Courses? Dashboard?

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Sorry, I should have posted a screenshot!

Anyway, on the web version, your dashboard screen. Mine looks like this:

See that box over on the right at the top? Where it says “Recently Learned”? Well, you click on that and you should see something like this:

And then you can click on the relevant topic or language and your review session will cover all the courses in that language that you are doing. I am going to try it now and see what happens :slight_smile:

OK, now my dashboard looks like this:

so now I can click on “Review” and see what happens …


No review button on mine…

Hi @richard_gaywood :slight_smile:

The option “classic review” and “speed review” can be done at any time. But the review covering all courses only appears when the system detects that it is time to revise a word.


Ok, thanks.

But back to my original suggestion - would you consider adding a classic review, that covers all courses in a language, on the app?



Hi, I am new to this forum and I am glad that I found this thread. I am now following this to check if they’ll add a classic review on the app or not! I am intrigued to learn Italian.

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Wow, that’s a feature that I’ve completely overseen, cheers!

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No review button pops up for me when I select recently learned. This is disappointing.

Insert Spongebob “I need it” meme here

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Same, Would be especially useful on the app since I wouldn’t need to scroll anymore then. Hope they’ll bring it to the Decks app too!

Yes I also use the app

I think you might like to look at this post too:

I would like a Classic Review of all lessons within a language


Haha. That my post.

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