[Feature Request] Typing Mode

(Haggenkennedy) #1


I would like to ask for a Typing-Mode-only feature, which would be geared exclusively towards typing exercises. I’m sure there are other users like me out there who use Memrise on the computer, so typing not only doesn’t pose an issue, but is in fact desirable. I find that typing in the words helps me retain them a lot better – especially in terms of spelling. When I only click the correct answer (such as in questions with multiple-choice answers or sound icons), that doesn’t help me with spelling, but when I have to actually type words, the system won’t allow me to proceed until I actually get them 100% right. Which is exactly what I need.

There is already a listening mode, so a typing mode would be a great option to have (and those who don’t want to type don’t need to use this option). In this mode all of the exercises would need a typed answer (no questions with multiple choice or clickable answers, only typed). I’m very concerned with spelling.

I did a quick search on the forum, but couldn’t find another post requesting this (though I did find someone asking for the ability to turn typing-mode questions off).

Thanks in advance.


(Adrian) #2

I hope Memrise implements this feature in the future. For now, you can install this userscript https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-all-typing and you’re good to go. Just follow the steps carefully. Props to the person who made this.


(Haggenkennedy) #3

Thank you, Adrian, that’s very interesting. I installed Tampermonkey and the script, and I have to say, this thing calls for a serious step-up of my game. You can’t rely on passive knowledge anymore, such as when Memrise gives you the answer, so you just need to read the options and click on the right one. It’s all active knowledge now, which is much more difficult. Very good – exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for letting me know about this.

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(Thomas Heiss) #4


there are other userscripts available like:

  • “TimerDisabler”
  • disable “Auto accept” (jumping to next question without enter hotkey)
  • “Auto correct” to get accents/diacritics on strict- typing courses completions, etc.
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(Haggenkennedy) #5

Boy, that is one resource-rich page. Thank you, Thomas. I appreciate you sharing this.

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(Majella Morello) #6

I also added that script and it’s definitely going to up my game!


(Majella Morello) #7

So glad I found your post!