[Feature Request] Turn off the timer (web)

Is there a way to turn off this timer? It is really bad. I am new here and this is extremely disruptive and makes things way to difficult to learn with.



Your “feature request” won’t happen, especially regarding to Memrise staff latest code refactoring, which eliminated the cancel() function of the timer object.

Here is the workaround:

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I agree with David. It is a feature that will be useful to me as I progress but right now I feel like I have achieved little after two months and the main culprit is the timer.

I’m just not absorbing the words because the timer rushes me onto the next word which I also don’t absorb because I’m rushed onto the next word by the timer.

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The timer gives you 30 seconds or more to respond. Memrise is forgiving with not remembering, the web version will just ask you again later.

I don’t want to be asked later nor do I want to be rushed thus that’s why being able to turn off the timer like you can mute the audio would be beneficial.

When I watch spanish videos on YouTube I pause when there is a word I want to Google and learn more about or simply learn at my own pace. I can’t do that with Memrise because they insist on using a timer.

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Sorry, I really do not want to offend either you or David.
You simply can’t know it any better as new registered users.

But are you guys still “complaining” even after I had posted the obvious solution in this thread 4 months ago? [Feature Request] Turn off the timer (web)

Why don’t you simply go the route with the least resistence (Tampermonkey user script)?

The real problem with Memrise staff is that this request about disabling the timer has been (AFAIK) already posted in multiple threads across the new AND old (abandoned) Memrise forum and is being ignored for a very long time (literally years).

I am here since October 2016 so that would be roughly almost two years with the forced freaking timer if I would not use the user script.

I am really just trying to help you guys.

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You will be asked later for Memrise review web. Multiple times until you get it right on a typing test. That’s good. Try using only memrise web. The app DOES expect you to learn the words in a week- but that’s because only the web version was built with that expectation.

You have 30 seconds or more to recall a word. In real life, if you’re speaking a language and it takes you more than 30 seconds to recall a word or phrase, that’s about as good as not knowing the word or phrase at all. I think you’re just using the timer as a mental scapegoat for rushing through memrise teviews: you’ll learn faster and gain more points if you don’t rush through.

How often do you actually find yourself trying to answer a word and the timer runs out? There’s nothing shameful about taking your time on Memrise web. Allowing the timer to expire is a good thing.

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  1. There is no Tampoermonkey script to turn off the timer. They changed the website so that it no longer works.
  2. You should not have to install a scripting program to change a simple and logical function of a webpage.
  3. My web browser does not support Tampermonkey. Having to install a browser and a third party user script program to change a simple function is stupid.

Yes still complaining. If you don’t like the complaining then go somewhere else. This forum is for feature requests and that’s what this thread is about.


Everyone learns differently. The way I learn means I need to stop and look at the question for a bit before learning it. 30 seconds is not enough. When it throws up 8 choices of phrases and I am still at the point of lets see the first character is an M sound then followed by a A sound, damn timer ran out… and I have not even finished deciphering the first of 8 answers!

I am not trying to recall a word in real life. I am trying to learn the words in the first place. I am not using this as a mental scapegoat. I am actually quite offended that you said that actually. Also I am not trying to rush through the memrise levels, I am doing just the opposite, SLOW IT DOWN.

You just need to accept the fact that everyone learns differently and there are literally hundreds of requests in these forums for that timer to be made an option. If you wish the timer to be used then so be it but it clearly does need to be made into an option.

As to how often does the timer run out, 100% of the time.

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Looks like you have once been running a DIFFERENT timer script from a different source.

The latest code update V0.1.6 from Kai Krause from 03/28/2018 fixes the timer user script (pausing does not work that great anymore, I agree). I successfully use it myself on Firefox.


Which one?

So you obviously have not even tested the above linked V0.1.6 user script???

Basically to use Duolingo or Memrise successfully you need Firefox or Chrome/Chromium, Opera or Safari like browsers.

Camilo gave on his website https://github.com/camiloaa/duolingotreeenhancer for his Duolingo user script the further tip of the addons Violentmonkey for Opera or “Java Script Blocker” for Safari.

You may want to re-test Chrome/Chromium, Opera or Safari if you do not like Firefox.

Yes, I agree with you (both), therefore I have adjusted my third comment and reply text: [Feature Request] Turn off the timer (web)

But it is up to the Memrise staff in their UK HQ to decide why they don’t want to incorporate that since years into their own web code and not to respond to any user requests (ignore all of us).

Didn’t I try hard and haven’t I given you the explanation already in my 2nd post in May 06?: [Feature Request] Turn off the timer (web)

Look, how far have you guys come with this thread in the last 4 months with ZERO feedback from Memrise staff?

David, MANY things on the Android app (lack of full typing support in reviews, given non-requesed letter hints, multiple-choice, no self-rating answers,…) and web portal are or have been stupid (e.g speed reviews, multiple-choice, 3-7 forced error repeats, lack of “overdueness” support, etc.).

You (and we, the community) have to accept it as it is.
NOTHING will happen here if you do not implement the code for yourself.

Anyways, as you basically need more user scripts to make the very best out of the Memrise and Duolingo web portal, the timer is your least problem and quite a few issues could (some are broken now with code module updates) or can be fixed with Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey & Co.

I am fixed to use Firefox V52.9.0ESR and Tampermonkey, but feel free to test different browsers and newer versions and Violentmonkey.

Best regards

I use Microsoft Edge.

Like I said installing another web browser and a user scripts package (Which I wouldn’t know how to do anyway) to change a simple function that is being asked for by lots of people is not an option.

And to say it won’t happen is not correct unless you work for Memrise. Memrise obviously listens to their user base and updates the software constantly. I see updates coming out constantly.

If you are really dead against have the option to change the timer then please move on. Others here are requesting it and rightfully so.

I would appreciate it if you would stop trolling each thread and the people here making the request be.

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Hi David

I’ve flagged their posts to Memrise. It’s clear they are here to argue. From your very first post you made it clear you are simply seeking Memrise to add an option to turn off the timer. That is a fair request from anyone who pays for a service. You submitted a good request and I hope Memrise implement the option as it will also help me to learn my way.

Memrise if you are reading this, I think third party scripts should NOT be provided in online forums. Anyone who does not understand the code should not be tempted to use a script which possibly could have been written by a malicious hacker.

@ JamesLu and Thomas.Heiss.
I’ve no doubt you will want to respond to my post. If it’s to get the last word, feel free. If it’s to try and embarress me, feel free to try. If it is simply to put words together so that you feel like you are better than me, feel free. All you will be doing is to motivate me to learn my chosen language more. You see a key reason why I joined Memrise was because I grew tired of the day to day arguing people seek online, I realised my valuable time was being wasted giving people like you attention. So now I use that time to try and achieve a life goal of learning a language. If I could, I would block you both.

sorry, but that is not for you to decide. Scripts should be posted in the fora, because many people - such as myself, using memrise for 6 years now - need those scripts. -Also, of course some idiot can post a malicious script, but this did not really happen until now. Scripts being made fully open (the css etc) an user can judge for herself.

Btw, the timer is usually 45 not 30, for sentences is even longer, and without the timer memrise does not make much sense.

Happy learning.

Yet more users wanting to argue.

I never said it was my decision. I said I think script should not be provided just anywhere in a forum. I use code for my job and I know the risks, I minmise risks by going to forums and sections in forums that I can trust. I think there should be a section, if Memrise are fine with scripts being provided throughout the various sections of their forums that’s entirely up to them and I have no problem with their decision.

If there is anything else you’ve misread and want to argue about?

As for the timer, if you love the timer, that’s fine by me. I don’t, I want to use it at a later stage in my language learning. Having the option to turn off the timer has absolutely no impact on anyone’s else’s learning. I think you know that though and just want to argue, so I’ve reported you to Memrise also.

If you’re learning an East Asian language, it may be beneficial to try learning visually or start with a course on the individual characters. Maybe speed review on individual characters could help, so you can be trained to recognize individual characters faster.


Hi Dobo_Bobo,

please accept my apologies if you felt offended.
I have updated my above text: [Feature Request] Turn off the timer (web)

What language are you learning with?

I have recently been using a memrise course - “Thai Alphabet Crash Course” - in which the timer is disabled for written inputs. I see that many, many requests have been made for an option to disable the timer in memrise of many years without much joy. Could someone please tell us how this person was able to achieve this?

So you’ve to ways to solve it.

First one, use memrise in your phone, there you don’t have timer.

Second one, use cheat engine. Open oi, and find your process, in this case is Memrise, select it, and then in the right, you will see an option that is “speed hack” put it at 0. Thats all

I payed for Memrise for a year when I was using the app. Now I prefer to sit and work at the computer, bigger screen for reading among other things. I cannot use Memrise on the web due to stress. Had a severe burnout and can no longer handle stress but like to learn languages as a hobby.

I will not pay for a product that does not work for me. There has been other things that I have had to give up on after being sick, raiding with my old guild in my MMO, PvP. My old job, I can no longer work in such a stressful environment and had to opt for a job with less stress and less money.

If there was an option to turn off the timer while using the computer then I would consider going back to paying. For now I am heading over to Duolingo. I am just one of many many people so perhaps turning off the timer is not a much requested feature but at least I have mentioned that it is really doesn’t work for me.

Yes, I could install a script, but I do not like paying for something when I have to rely on a script for even being able to use the product I payed for. If the script stops working I am still paying for a product I cannot use. Especially when I can get a my language-fix somewhere else in a less stressful way.

Cheers everyone and have a good time.

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