[Feature request] Turn off, or slow down, input timeout

For Tibetan, with a complex on-screen keyboard, the default time for entering a word is WAY too short.

Consider the following on-screen keyboard:

By the time I have typed the first one or two characters, the time is already up.

As a course creator, I would like to have the option of deactivating the timeout, or to set a much longer one.

As things are today, basically the app is way more useful than the web interface.


Are you aware of the script, Memrise Timer Disabler?

Some info here: [Site Feedback] [Suggestion] Typing Timers: Too Fast

And here: How to turn the timer off?

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The userscript script is only a workaround, yet nice… Im struggling using either the standard or the handwriting keyboard for thai when typing composed glyphs.

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I also want a timer control feature.

I don’t know if it makes a difference, but according to the following Memrise page there’s a specific protocol for designating feature requests. It might help to make sure your request is seen by Memrise.

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