[Feature Request] Turn OFF button for Hints while creating a course-entries

I am a huge fan of memrise, but there is one feature that drives me nuts. When I’m typing in new entries (while creating my own course) the hints are loading in the left-hand corner which makes the content ‘jump’ with every new letter added. It is so tiring and disturbing. Is there a way to disable it? If not, could a disable option be added? It is unbearable. Please, help.


I found that also sometimes annoying, but not to the point that it didn’t work. If I just ignored the suggestions and kept typing, it was fine.

BTW: I usually type all my courses in Excel (because then I can add extra info and I have an original) and then bulk-upload them using the bulk upload feature. Excel has the advantage that it can auto fill entries. For example when I type ‘m’ in the gender column, it automatically suggests ‘male’. And with ‘adv’ in the part of speech column it suggests ‘adverb’. That types way faster. Also I automatically add notes what the chapter or the page or context is where I got the entry.

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Thank you very much for the suggestion. I’ll try that. Still I hope they will allow this function to be disabled. :slight_smile: