[Feature Request] To Mute a Course

It would be nice to ‘mute’ a course once it is completed, so we do not receive word reviews notifications anymore.

The reviews are the most important key to successful memorization, so I don’t really see why you would want to do that. If you don’t care for finished courses anymore, you can always remove them from your list, see here.

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Agree with @Olaf.Rabbachin on both points. If the repetition’s getting boring to you, it just means it’s working… but it is possible to remove courses you think are hammered in so deep you’ll never forget – all you have to do is use the ‘quit course’ option.

Quiting the course is the way to get the review notifications to stop.

However, I agree with those above me, “over learning” is the key to long-term learning. You can always just ignore a review request as well, until you are ready to do it again. A good analogy is in all forms of martial arts: sure, you learned to “do X move” in the beginning, but a 10th degree black belt still practices the same moves decades later a white belt learned today. The same goes for anything, our neural-net-esque brains are pattern learning machines, and when we do one thing many, many, many times over and over again - long past the point of our initial learning - we keep re-learning it and learning it to an even deeper level. Albeit, it’s not always obvious how that is happening in the moment.

Maybe possibly, a good solution would be a feature request to “silence reviews for X days” based upon our own learning experiences, rather than to rely upon the internal algorithm for memrise.

Tho, grats on finishing a course! :v:t3: