[Feature Request] The order of words to review shouldn't be random in a lesson

I don’t think it makes sense to review “the wall is red” before “wall” or “red”, for example, in a single lesson.
If there are words that are contained inside a frase, they should be displayed first. So that we can be fully tested on word to word.
I feel like I’m cheating when I correctly guess a hard frase, and the next word is the hardest word in that frase that has just been shown to me.

Anyone agrees?

I feel this messes up my japanese learning kanji process…

I agree, I also felt like I was cheating…
but I have actually experienced, that it is more easier on the memory, to learn words in sentences with relation, even though I don’t know all the single words yet.
At first it was confusing, but the brain is better than you think :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
So go ahead and be surprised :mage:

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