[Feature Request] The option to mark words as difficult in the word-list view (web)

Sometimes when going through a level, I end up wishing I had marked one or two words as difficult.

It would nice to be able to go into the word-list for a level and flag words as difficult there.

(I use Memrise on a desktop PC through Firefox browser.)

Yes.It would be good to have a similar tool to the “Ignore” one. The only way at present from the Level page is to select “Preview” from the “Options” button and then scroll through the items and use the “lightning bolt” icon. Clunky, but it works.

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Thanks! For me that’s a good enough workaround for the community courses and whatever official courses are still in classic mode – but I think I’ll leave this request open rather than “solved” in case the developers might eventually add such a feature.

In the new-experience version of the official Chinese course, I don’t see a way to view the word lists yet (I might be overlooking it, though). However, that course is really still in early access and probably not completely converted yet.