[Feature Request] The Arabic keyboard - Not really convinced

Before on revisions, there were only letters that were present on the word to find and it was necessary to put them in order, now there is the whole alphabet and I do not find it very ergonomic, and it slows us in the learning, go back please :sleepy:

[EDIT : 11/10/2019] : Would it be possible to have the old keyboard with less letter an option to switch between the new and the old keyboard, i find it more ergonomic, with the new keyboard I’m wasting a lot of time finding the letters

Do you mean the user interface on the Decks website?
Or in the App (Android or Apple?)?

It looks like feedback (or feature request), so I’d put in the feedback section

Thank you for your reply !
On any version deck or Memrise, website or app, the keyboard of the current version :

Old version :

Some people have been asking to make it harder. They thought that since there were only about 8 letters, it suggested the answer too much, preventing to get it down really well. But for you the complete keyboard is too much.

But besides, the old ‘keys’ are much more readable. Just my opinion.

You can make it a feature request, but note, what I have noticed over the years, that it can take a long time before there are implemented, if ever. But Memrise does try to take notice of them and take them into general account.

To make it a feature request,

  • change the title, starting with the words [Feature Request] (including the brackets)
  • update the title to summarize the request, eg. Bring back ‘old’ Arabic keyboard in app, or allow user to choose between old and new
  • state your request in the post and if needed clarify the why or what you exactly mean, if not clear from title.

Good luck!

Ok, thanks for the reply

Please make a feature to have the choice between having fewer letters in revisions or having all the letters of the alphabet like today