[Feature request] Speed review for categories

Now, there is an option to review words of a category. For example, it’s possible to review all the French words I’ve learnt here on Memrise, through various courses.

However, it’s only possible to do the classic mode of review. It’d be great if @MemriseSupport could add Speed Review here. Given the vast amount of words/phrases I need to review, a category-wide Speed Review would be very useful. Thank you!

Hi @johnastsang,

Good idea! I’ve created a new feature request for this :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hello, is there any update about it?

I’d like to suggest the same feature. It’s not very efficient to browse course by course to do my speed reviews.

On the new version of Memrise we combine our official courses into one single course, so speed review works over the whole language.
For now the new experience will only have official courses, and if you don’t have access yet then you will have access within a month or so.

If you could clarify, please, I have a few questions about what this will mean for community courses:

Will the old experience still be available for use with community courses? When you say “access” do you mean that will be the only thing we have access to, or will the two, for now, be integrated seamlessly with the new being used for official courses and the old being used for community courses?

And similarly, as the old system gets phased out, are there plans to automatically convert over community courses and/or provide a means for curators of those courses to convert them manually, so that progress (largely) isn’t lost?

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for now there will be no changes to the classic experience, you will be able to learn official and community courses on the same experience. But you can also learn official courses on the new experience, and I’d recommend you do as it’s better.
In the medium term we will remove official courses from the classic experience, which will mean community courses will be on the classic experience and official courses on the new experience and you will be able to simply switch between them.
In the long term we will figure out how to bring community courses and course creation into the new experience and what that would look like but that’s a long term thing.
So there is no need for any panic about community courses.


Nice, thanks again for the clarification.

I might switch over and try out the official courses once I have access and once I finish my current batch of community courses. I like that they’ve been unified into a single course for each language. Previously I’ve largely avoided the official courses because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of switching between up to 7 courses per language (potentially dozens of courses total depending on how many languages one focuses on). Very glad that’s fixed.

Overall, the redesign sounds exciting👍

Also, as a bit of a tangent:
I and I’m sure many others in the community would be willing to volunteer some effort with transferring community courses to ensure that as close as possible to 100% of useful material is converted and unified into the redesign. In their current format, they are kind of a necessary evil for covering words not currently seen in the official courses (advanced vocab, obscure vocab, specialized or hobbyist vocab, etc.), but many such courses are bad.

Among the worst of the “good” courses is the most-frequently-studied GCSE French course, for which my ignore list is around 1000 words long, just because of slightly-differing duplicates, bad translations, typos, etc. And even in my non-ignored words, there are inconsistencies with how gender is represented, minor typos, etc. But I study it anyways because it has a lot of unique vocab I haven’t seen anywhere else… (And I’m running into similar issues with GCSE Spanish, but I haven’t studied far enough yet to truly judge how bad it may be).

If the “diamonds in the rough” can be curated and transferred, I imagine most people wouldn’t have any problem with limiting community courses or even removing them entirely if it meant the 95% of low-effort garbage were lost in the process.

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I would recommend these GCSE Spanish courses:

Good luck with your studies.

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