[Feature Request] Sort options in the App

Apologies as I’m sure this has been raised before, but …

Also I know that the App has been created with an emphasis on the Official courses but …

It would be great if we could sort our home page (list of courses) on the App by category like one can do on the web.

If I want to return to continue learning or revise a course I’ve started a long time ago (on the App), I either have to go to the computer to sort or type in a key word or some other action to quickly find it, then start it, but …

On the App I may have to keep scrolling down a list of 100 courses until it appears.

Any chance of a sort or search function on the home page, please?

Hi @DW7, thanks for raising this! We’ve added your thoughts to an existing ticket for this Feature Request. As more users request this feature, we’ll make it known to our Product team to take it into consideration for future updates :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many thanks @MemriseSupport, for noting this.

Creators, Contributors and Users of Community Courses, is there any support for simpler ways to find courses on the App?