Feature request, sort courses by language

I have completed several courses in a few different languages and I keep them all in my courses list because I appreciate the chance to review. It would’ve great if they were shown sorted by language…since when I review, I want to do one language at a time. As it is, I have to search up and down to find courses of the same language.


Sorry if I have misunderstood, but doesn’t the white ‘filter’ button (and its drop-down list) near the top of your dashboard give you what you are looking for?


I am using an iPhone app and don’t see that option.


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Hello Peggy,

The screenshot I provided is from the web version of Memrise, which has the feature you were asking about. Sadly, the app versions (both iOS and Android) don’t have it.

@JBorrego - Are there any plans to add this feature to the app version any time soon, please?


Hey! This is a neat feature, which actually isnt used by many users. However it is very interesting. Should we add it, we would need to find a way to make it work with the current app and course structure. This is not something we can promise at the moment BUT I have raised the feedback so this is something that will be in our mind :slight_smile:

thank you for your kind feedback