Feature Request: Show meaning before moving on to next flash card

I’m sorry if this has been posted/answered elsewhere but couldn’t find anything on it.

Is it possible to show the meaning of a card before moving on? I’m doing three languages on Memrise and all courses seem to have the same problem, namely that when giving your answer and it being assessed as correct, the system moves straight on to the next card without displaying the meaning of the last card.

For example, if I’m asked to spell a word or phrase and do so correctly (for example in Hebrew, even if I’m unsure of the meaning) the system simply notes this as correct and quickly moves on. I have to wait until the end of the session to view that word and its meaning in a list.

Or perhaps there is a setting that allows for me to view meanings of cards before moving to the next and I’ve missed it? If do, would be very grateful for details. Thanks.

PS Using the iOS app

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You see a list of all words and their answers in the session at the end.

I don’t think Memrise has anything like this, but you could check out https://tinycards.duolingo.com, which does this :slight_smile:

Hmm, I tested duolingo tinycards and all it did was to beep until you hit the right entry and you got the happy face image.

Maybe I’m old and not in a hurry but I could wait until the end of the training session to see what I did wrong. You could always take down the amount of tests to 10 to get faster to the review point. Now, if this was a variable, down to any size, like 1, then you could get this same effect. So that would be worth asking as a feature.

On the www.memrise.com web portal you can quickly hit the ESC hotkey to show the definition of the word, before or after you have entered your answer.

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