[Feature Request] Set a daily goal

Currently, the function “Set daily goals” is only available on the course unfinished. i want a daily goal function for all lessons based on the total score of the whole day, not each lesson as it is currently.

Hi @HoangBK,

To some extent that’s what the block spreadsheet shows if you hover over a square.

They are also coloured proportionally from few to many events.

I know. i don’t want event statistics. Set an achievable and unattainable goal. increasing the number of days achieved in a row helps me stay motivated. In addition, rewards for hard workers (medals, icons) are also a source of motivation for learners.

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I find a four or five year daily attendance motivation in itself. Sadly my 365 continuous streak was lost on Christmas Day.

I guess Rank Level is sort of motivation but it looses it’s encouragement after Level 13.

Perhaps this is one for @MemriseSupport?

Agree. My current level is 14. It’s hard to maintain daily learning. I think there should be more communication between members, in a course or creating a community. where people can share, chat, inspire each other.

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Hi @HoangBK, thanks for your feedback! Just to clarify, are you looking to set a Daily Goal for overall activity on Memrise (e.g. I want to spend 20 minutes/earn XXX points a day on Memrise)? If you are learning more than one language, would it be beneficial to set goals per language too, or still only an overall goal?