Feature request - see points students have gained in last 7 days

I use Memrise a lot as a seconđary school teacher but would be able to use it much more for homework (and other teachers would too) if there was a feature that allowed you to see how many points students in my Groups had got in the last 7 days, so that you can check whether students have done their homework in the last week or not. Please can that be introduced? The current system of points resetting on a Monday morning is not helpful for this purpose.

Your set goal sounds to me more like those weird DuoLingo school assignments…

Shouldn’t you rather do as a teacher a vocabulary (written, online, whatever, speaking…) test rather than checking points to see if the words have really be learned?

Did you know that a student can collect points just by over-watering over and over again the same already planted basic words of the first course levels to collect up to +150 points?

Checking the completition of a level to actually learned words of those assigned tasks, e.g minimum amount of words (from book chapters), would make IMO much more sense to a student…

However, I have to agree with you, that I personally would like to check my own last week b st score so +1 and +2 stored weekly old statistics would be great, once I finish the new week for my own motivation and to compare myself with my own work progress…

The same applies to a month, which is reset on the first day of the new month.