[FEATURE REQUEST] - Revise all course of one langage at once

Hi there,

When one finishes all the courses of one language, it’s usually common practice to revise learned words from time to time, from first course to the very last one.

On the website there is a button « Revise » which allows the user to revise all learned words. On the app however, there is no such thing and we need to go from course to course. In this case, the presented words are not especially the one that need the most refreshing.

Would it be possible to implement in the app this « Revise on all courses » button ?



yes please!

Hi both, thanks for taking the time to reach out and give your suggestions for something you’d like to see in the Memrise product! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve now noted your feature request. If more users request this feature, we’ll make it known to our Product team to take it into consideration for future updates.

Kind regards,
Memrise team


I would really like this feature as well as I currently feel I need to keep going back to the earlier course to revise-thanks for considering.