Feature request: Review all should show the course

can you please add the course of the name, when you review with “review all”.
The answers sometimes vary, so it’s necessary to know, which course is is the word from.

Typically (German -> English)
with or without “to”: sagen-> “say” / “to say”
or different meanings of one word: vernünftig-> “sensible” / “reasonable” / “rational”

That’s why I often use the memrise keyword that gives me hints to avoid that….



now that would be handy, indeed

Although this won’t solve the problem generally, this is something worth pointing out to the individual course maintainers to fix. What they can do for words that have other meanings is to create an extra column in their database named something like “other meaning”. The real answer goes in the English column, but any other meanings go in the extra column. That way, when the user enters one of the other meanings, Memrise will tell them “you typed the Other Meaning when we wanted the English”. You don’t get marked wrong or right when this happens, you just get prompted to answer again.

I use this in my Hebrew course. For example, I want people to learn different meanings of the world שָׁלוֹם, so I have two separate entries in my database for it. One entry has “hello, goodbye” in the English/answer column, and “peace” in the Other Meanings column. The other entry has “peace” in the English/answer column, and “hello, goodbye” in the Other Meanings column. So if you’re reviewing and you see שָׁלוֹם and type “hello” but you’re actually being asked to review the “peace” entry, it tells you “you typed the Other Meaning when we wanted the English”, and you’re not marked wrong, you just know you have to remember one of the other meanings of שָׁלוֹם.

My example is two entries in the same course, but it could easily be used even if the course only had one of those entries. It simply needs to be aware that the word it’s trying to teach you one meaning of, also has a different meaning that you might happen to know even though it’s not in the course. It could put that in the extra column, just in case someone taking the course happens to learn it from somewhere else, so as to avoid marking them wrong if they mistakenly enter it for a review in this course.

So, while your suggestion for Memrise is a good one, I think you should also post in the applicable language topic for each of the courses where you encounter this, tag the course maintainer, and ask them to add this hack to their course.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I general your right, but there are some complete courses, where the infinitive is not set correctly (missing ‘to’). No one added an extra column, that’s only available in the official courses like ‘it’s’ and ‘it is’.
In addition, some Course creator aren’t here anymore, so you have to take the courses as they are (one course creator left memrise while the decks Desaster, I had to learn the whole words again after I recreated it). Also the course creation wizard is not very userfriendly. I think the easiest way is to show up the course on screen while reviewing all. Regards, SAM

I wish there was a way to show all alternative entries (in the mobile apps) after right or wrong answer was given. This is especially true for providing the answer in English that might have multiple synonyms or expressions. I’ve added in alternate answers to my courses, but showing the would be the best. Maybe there’s a trick I’m not aware of, course building information from Memrise is very scarce.

I wouldn’t say that’s “the easiest way”. As I said, the solution I suggested doesn’t take care of everything, and I completely support the idea that it should show you which course the item came from. Back when I used memrise, I used to always review courses separately exactly for this reason: I had a few Finnish courses, and a few French courses, that needed different answers for similar or identical prompts.

However, I also don’t want to have to remember which course wants which answer! Even when I reviewed courses separately, so I always knew which course I was in, it was still frustrating and annoying to have to remember whether this is the course that wants answer A or the course that wants answer B. I was trying to learn the meanings of the words, not trying to memorize the differences between courses.

That’s something course creators can solve by adding a new column, as I described. And for those courses in which the course creators do add a new column that way, you no longer have to try to remember which course wants which meaning - even if memrise doesn’t add the feature to tell you which course the item is from.

Just to be clear, this extra column hack is not for official courses, it’s definitely something any course creator can do in their courses. It’s just that a lot of them never knew about this, so I’m trying to spread the word. And also, some course maintainers who did know about this, just didn’t think of the possible synonyms, until someone pointed out to them that they were missing some. You could ask the maintainers of the courses you’re taking if they’d be willing to do this, if they’re still here and you know how to tag them. If they do, it would definitely improve your experience with those courses - whether memrise adds this feature you asked for or not. Either way, it’d be better if the course maintainers added this to their courses.