[Feature Request] Retain scroll position

(Olaf Rabbachin) #1

When moving between lists, the scroll position is generally lost. This applies to ALL lists/screens where scrolling is possible (course list, words list, etc.).

For instance, go into a lengthy chapter of some course, scroll down, then select a word, then return back to the list - you’ll find yourself at the top of the list again. This is particularly annoying if you work your way through long lists in order to ignore a bunch of words.

See also this thread.

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(Neto) #2

I’ll copy my concerns from the other post here for visibility:

The auto scrolling when you leave a level manually is extremely annoying.

If they want a “go to the top” feature it should be a button or gesture. I’d wager most users that went to level 8, want to leave it and still be in the spatial context of level 8 instead of scrolling to level 46 or 1.

I think it’s a glaring bug or UX omission and really hope the devs realize it soon.

Olaf, Thanks for posting this issue!

(Cdub4language) #3

I agree, this is annoying - both within a word list and between levels! I second this request.