[Feature Request] Require exact tones in spelling


I was wondering if it would be possible to improve feedback when the letters are correct but the tones are wrong in a spelling exercise. For example, in the screenshot attached the speaker said “shí/十”, but “shī” was input and accepted. What I would prefer to happen is that it would be marked as “Almost Correct” and I could be shown which tone I choose incorrectly.

I’m aware that if I have typed the correct tones the answer will be auto-accepted (i.e. without hitting enter), and I can to some extent use that as an indicator that I have the tones right. I think this does not work as well using the keyboard that I am to type tones (it seems inconsistent at auto-accepting even when I’m confidant that the tones are correct for a one syllable answer), and gets harder to use correctly if it won’t auto accept for spacing/hyphenation issues.


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There is a setting that allows the course creator to “Mark Typing Strictly,” however, although I would like to have Memrise test me on accents, I don’t use it as it means that alternatives are not accepted any more - at least it does for me, if anyone know how to fix this problem, please let me know.
Allowing everyone to choose whether or not they want to be marked strictly would be great.

I asked for the same thing a while back: [Course Forum] Mandarin Chinese 1-3 by Memrise

It did actually use to be strict on tones, but that changed when spacing/hyphenation became more flexible.