[Feature Request] Relearn individual Words (Web & App); relearn whole level (App)

On the web, there is a feature to re-learn a complete level (I suppose this simply erases any learning history). This is useful for difficult words or a level that wasn’t learned well for whatever reason.

Feature request:

  • allow also to select an individual entry for re-learning, rather than the whole level
  • add this feature (both an individual entry and a whole level) to the app
  • alternatively, have a ‘difficult’ mode that basically replants the words/level

Spledid idea. I want this feature. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement either.

You’re right - I feel very strongly that I should be able to independently mark a word/phrase as “learned” (so that I never see it again) or “tricky” is that it stays in my tricky words area indefinitely.

Memrise allows you to flag a word as “difficult”, both on the web and in the apps.

Unfortunately, Memrise doesn’t allow you to (prematurely) flag a word as “learned”. However, there is a script that you can use (web only). Read more here:

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… and you can use the ignore function if/when you don’t want to see a word or phrase that you consider you have already learned well enough.

But you have to search through the level pages to find it before marking it as ignored. Maybe lostlaowai is asking for a button on every review page that would allow you to do it more easily?