[Feature Request] Please show Kanji+furigana for all words after answer is selected

Hello! I love Memrise! It’s been helping me study Japanese for over a year now, I have one change I’d love to see made that is very simple!

In Japanese, seeing the kanji for a word is very important for learning it. Learning what kanji are used and their individual meanings matter a lot.

However, when learning a word through memrise, a lot of the time it doesn’t show the kanji, it only shows only 1 of either the furigana, hiragana, or kanji.
This makes it more difficult to learn the kanji for a word, as you barely see it during studying.

Currently the app shows:
No Japanese at all or only furigana for audio questions.

  • This should be changed to at least show kanji with the furigana please!

Some words have this weird japanese-english “literal translation”.

  • Helpful at first, but as you become familiar with a word you still don’t know it’s kanji. Please add the kanji to these as well!

On typing kanji words, it only shows the weird japanese-english literal translation.

  • Again, not as helpful after learning, should be replaced with the furigana or show the furigana with it below.

Only some words show the furigana in the audio questions.

  • Would be great to show both kanji and furigana here!

I love Memrise, and would love it even more if these changes were made! They seem rather minor so I hope it’s not too much trouble to add.
Thank you!

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