[Feature Request] (Optional) Longer delay after getting an answer RIGHT

In speed review, speed is of the essence but …

When learning or revising (especially where you have a phrase as a question and another phrase as the reply) accuracy is important.

When answering (and given a choice of say 4 or 6 alternatives) I may not be certain I have chosen the right answer, so I like to re-read the answer to help reinforce the learning.

If I get it right I often don’t get long enough to reinforce it in my mind (and no repeat for a long time).

To keep everyone happy, could we have the option (1) as now and (2) to have twice as long a gap before the next question is asked.

This would certainly help me.

Cc @MemriseSupport

I see this was similarly requested by @NameAlreadyTaken

[Feature Request] Add Pause or Click to Continue

Hi @DW7, thanks for raising this and linking the other thread. Other users have also got in touch to raise this issue so we’re discussing this internally at the moment and looking into the behaviour of this across all modes and platforms. From there, we’ll see what can be done to make it a better experience for all users (whether that’s slowing down the transition/adding an option to manually move on/something else).

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Many thanks for considering this, and thanks for your “appreciation”.