[Feature request] option to get rid of the timer on the web

As an adult and nearly 3 years Memrise pro user i’d like to have more control over the way i learn.

I am learning russian and the keyboard placement is very difficult so it takes more time to type the words in the learning process.
So on the web i’d like to manage the timer, or at least to have the opportunity to get rid of the timer.In the IOS app it is not present and i don’t know why it is not the same on the web,
I’d ask that so we can manage our learning curve better as responsible adult learner.

Thanks for listening

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Hi @olh21 :slight_smile:

For user-created courses (which will soon be accessible only through sister site Decks), this subject is being discussed. Maybe you’re interested in posting an opinion.

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This timer is a total nonsense - We are adult and PAYING and a lot of people are asking for that - so they just give the option of getting rid of it.
I won’t renew my subscription if we are not treated as customers

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the timer is a fantastic feature. We are adult customers using IME for typing Chinese, Japanese and other stuff. Never had a problem.

note: just wanted to show to you that “we” should be used with caution.


The answer to so many of the problems with Memrise/Decks is to give users the option to customise their learning experience.

There’s a ‘settings’ page, but it has like three options there. I can’t see why there can’t just be an option to turn the timer on/off, turn auto-accept on/off etc.

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