[Feature Request] Option to Disable the Overwriting of Entries with Existing Ones when Bulk Adding Words

I created a new course and am currently filling in the levels with lists of words: Items, definitions, pronunciations and parts of speech. Unfortunately, Memrise overwrites some of my entries when it finds similar words in pre-existing courses. This requires me to carefully check each and every word and manually add attributes that Memrise either thus failed to import or, worse, replaced with something else. As I eventually learned, Memrise even adds alternatives both for items as well as for definitions, forcing me to manually click through both of each word I enter, just to check for such unwanted “help”.

Please, include an option to turn off this behaviour, as it creates lots of unnecessary work.

Could you make a new database and populate this course using it? That way you avoid clashes.


I am afraid that this approach doesn’t solve the problem but in fact creates new ones:

First, the database is chosen indirectly by choosing the language pair:

Second, I tried this suggestion, created a test course with a language pair from the selection and created a new course. I entered two lessons with that pre-existing database.

Only then was I given the option to create a new database, which I did, only to note that:
a) The already created lessons are not transferred into the new database. So, they would have to be re-entered one by one.
b) With a new database, the feature “Create levels” seems to only allow a levels with a fixed number of entries. I does however not even work, so I cannot add any levels.

c) When I deleted the lessons with the old database, the new database and its world list disappeared, only to re-appear when when I created at least two levels with the old database.

d) There seems to be no way to access the word list with the new databse for learning.

So, I would ask the memrise team to please at least include an option to disable the overwriting of new entries with existing one sduring bulk import.

The rest of the lines (records) contain information about each user!

Don’t delete the old database and entries. Just make a new database. Works fine. I’ve done this to isolate course material,

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and thank you for taking the time to help.

As I described above, I in fact did try and created a new database. When I create that new database, its contents aren’t accessible for learning. The system behaves unpredictable in this regard and if it designed that way, I would ask the Memrise team to please include an option to not have the value I enter overwritten.

I am not entirely sure what you mean by the lines which contain information about each users, and how that helps in this case.