[Feature Request] Music volume while in the App

I would suggest a feature that I feel is necessary, especially when memerising while listening to music.
I enjoy listening to music while doing my daily courses but it happens that everytime I open the app/close a session the volume automatically turns up or down. I guess this was implemented to make music less disturbing while studying, but on the contrary it is upsetting having the music popping in the ears right after I typed the last word of the session. Controlling the volume manually eachtime is too time-consuming and useless. So, can you please make a botton in the settings where I can choose whether I want music in the background with a lower volume or not?
Or, at least, make the volume consistent and don’t change it every 50 words or so on.

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This has been frustrating for a long time but still no fix. Please, Memrise, add this feature!