[Feature Request] multiple-choice, skip learning

First-time poster. My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask or if it’s already been asked 1,000 times before.

  1. I would really appreciate an auto-learn feature similar to the way the Ignore button is implemented. That way, when I come to words that I already know, I can click a button which stops me ‘learning’ them yet still allows me to review them when doing Classic/Speed Review.

  2. I’d also like to be able to turn typing-tests off and just have multiple choice tests. I know that this is an option that can be set when creating my own course, but it doesn’t seem to be an option when using other people’s courses. [My impression is that multiple-choice is less efficient than typing out an answer. And yet.]

  3. I’d really like to be able to duplicate a course for my own use. Sometimes I find incomplete courses that I’d like to finish or there are completed courses for which I’d like to add or modify entries.

  4. I like that each course has a streak that you can build up, but if I’m studying multiple courses, it might be nice to have an general Memrise streak that I could build up without having to do each course each day.


Welcome to the community, glad to have you here, allow me to offer my thoughts.

  1. I understand this to a point but I feel it maybe is overkill, unless you happen to know tons of words. For example, I know some French words from childhood, if I were to do the official French 1 course here on Memrise for the first time, I would know quite a few words and numbers which would simply mean I would sail through that particular level and/or course faster than a total beginner. I experienced this having learned to level 3 official Spanish course, 1 year later I am learning Portuguese, on course 3 now. In the lower levels I knew some words, even though I knew no Portuguese because there were some words that were exactly the same and similair or that you could approximate, I beleive they are called cognates, so some levels of Portuguese I flew through because the words were already lodged in me from knowing some Spanish. So as you know, there is the ignore feature but in order to learn those words in classic I don’t believe there is any way other than to learn them. My suggestion for what I think you could do to achieve what you want, the only thing I can think of, is to ignore the words when learning, after the learning session has ended, look through the list of words for the level you just did and list the ones you ignored in notepad or something. Then create a personal course of… wait a minute, you would still need to learn them, mmmm. Well then anki. Use anki for creating the same list. I am struggling to answer this, maybe someone has a solution.

  2. This is probably achieveable on web browser, not app though. Userscripts can do things like this, I am the opposite I have a script for disabling tapping tests on reveiew so you can only type out sentences and words in review modes, gives you a good command of the language. See this link for potential userscript for what you want, there will be one, there are tons.

First is the link to the repo’s

Second is my post asking about the script for typing only

Holla if you need any help

  1. You can duplicate courses with anki, then you could edit them, officila courses, everything. Anki is a tough program to learn and I have not done so yet because it is not intuitive if you are a total beginner with it but I am sure you can follow a youtube video, search “import memrise course into anki”.

  2. The point of memrise is it is a spaced repetition system. This is how the language is retained, spaced repetition, so this would kind of defeat the learning method of memrise. It is an interesting feature idea, would need to think about it more in depth.

Hope any of this helps or points you towards something…

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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you need to use Cooljingle’s userscript for the Tampermonkey / Violentmonkey addons:


Last code update is from April 2018, so you need to test if it still works and is compatible with the latest web changes.

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