[Feature Request] Missing words, report button


I am learning Korean as German speaker and noticed that sometimes translations still contain english words. In addition, not all of the items in the english course, which I suppose is the one created first, get translated. For example, the topic about months only contain a few of them, while the english version has them all. Obviously I want to learn all the months.

This is actually a bit disappointing as I don’t see any logical reason for this. Someone creating the translation doesn’t really save a lot of time by skipping some of the words. I could start the english course, but then I would have to repeat all the words learned allready, which I would like to avoid. I’ve noticed that the amount of lessons provided in the german course has risen, at least it appears so to me, so I hope this gets fixed.

This leads me to a few suggestions I’d like to make:

  1. The possibility to customize official courses: Add stuff to courses that I think suit the topic, correct mistakes I encounter, maybe add my own lessons.
  2. An error report button. I really don’t to like the idea to have to come here to report every issue I stumble across. Having a button that I can use to file a report if I encounter an issue would be handsome.

If I may I’d like to add a personal opinion (very subjective).

It would be good, if quality control and the wishes and needs of allready existing - and more importantly paying - members would not be sacrificed for the sake of adding new features of intermediate usefulness and quality. It’s good to expand a product, but not if I lose features like the offline courses and what already exists is lacking in quality.

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An error report button would be very convenient.

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