[Feature Request] - marking completed or courses not currently being pursued as inactive?

Can we ‘archive’ or mark courses ‘active/inactive’ so that we’re able to only review courses we’re actively reviewing now? So that their review items won’t show up as notifications for you?
I have dozens of course, some of which are completed or I have the information from them that i needed, but may still go back to them later. Instead of 2,000 items needing reviewing each day, it takes it down to between 50 and 200 words which is more manageable. At the moment, the iOS app at least, only shows up to a maximum of 50 review notifications so you actually can’t tell how many words you need to review.
I study languages mostly, and keeping up with 11 languages is torture in itself, but if it were more easily managed, I’m sure it wouldn’t just make my life easier.


Absolutely! Couldn’t ask for a more useful feature.

I have two courses I am actively studying, but several that are either completed (which still generate review notifications) or that I only dip into now and then (e.g. a course that teaches the same Japanese kanji I’m doing in one of my main courses, but in a slightly different way, which is occasionally useful). But of course that then means I have hundreds of items flagged for review, when in fact I only really need to do a couple of dozen.

The only way I could get an ‘accurate’ review/notification number would be if I deleted all but the main two courses! Though of course, it’s a moot point whether anyone would bother with notifications when they max at 50 anyway. Useless for anyone with more than a single course, maybe two, in their list.

Such a great app with such an an utterly useless notifications system. I have paid for it for years but I would happily pay more for one that implemented the ‘turn off notifications for particular’ courses feature you suggest + an accurate review number badge.

You can set a goal for the courses you’re currently studying and then use the filter to only show courses with a goal.